How can we implement WYSIWYG in ionic


Hello All,

How can we implement WYSIWYG Html editor in ionic Or let me know if there is any ionic / angular plugin is available for this which compatible with Ionic ?


try the CKEditor - it has some angular directives to help also.

I use is and it is very powerful and can be customised heavily.

That or TinyMCE

The is what we are typing into in this forum



I’ve tried TinyMCE and textAngular and there is nothing but issues on iOS with keyboard. Has anyone found a WYSIWYG that works with ionic?


A WYSIWYG text editor of any variety won’t have good UX on mobile, regardless of what their lib documentation says. You are better off building a custom solution tailored to your own needs.

If this is not an option, tinyMCE is the best option available today.


I disagree, WYSIWYG editors can look good and work fine on mobile too. Maybe you haven’t tried Froala editor: It also has an angular plugin:

Hope it helps.


You could also try disabling the ionic scroll component for that view in order to get more of a “vanilla webview” if ionic isn’t playing nice with the keyboard and scroll positions.

The thing about these editors is you usually don’t want the full functionality on mobile anyway, its just too much to cram in. Look at the android google docs app, you only have the basics and its more than enough. Building a custom solution using content-editable divs should more than suffice


Also, Froala just crashed my nexus 5 on chrome. Its super laggy.

TextAngular is a lot better. Runs without a hitch