Is there any free alternative to Code-Push

Is there any free alternative to Code-Push.

I discovered Expo but I don’t know if it’s possible to use it with Ionic

AppCenter discontinued Cordova, my apps are on Ionic 3

Have you considered AppFlow by Ionic? Not sure if there is a free tier.

We can’t pay for AppFlow

Code-Push was free

There is certainly a plugin for that, as AppFlow uses

Fair point,

The code of the plugin is opensource. You could consider making your own way? Some sort of server having the new code and then the plugin pulling the zip with the assets.

But also keen to hear alternatives see - I am not an expert in this

If anyone has this information it would be very helpful.

The package that Ionic has made to do Live Updates on AppFlow is GitHub - ionic-team/cordova-plugin-ionic: Ionic Cordova SDK.

Source from Ionic CLI

Looks like AppFlow functionality within the Ionic CLI is deprecated in favor of the Ionic Cloud CLI so cannot confirm that is still using the cordova-plugin-ionic for Live Updates - reference.

Check out this repo: Solved! · Issue #3 · IllusionVK/ReplaceAppCenter · GitHub

People are reporting that they were able to host her own server and use regular code push plugin…

No. Nothing is free.

Success in my test.

Great job, I will test it as soon as possible.

This post will help thousands of people

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Happy to help! @paulorogerio please share your experience and tips once you will test it…