Ionic Capacitor3 Android application integration to appcenter Codepush

Hi all,

I have build an ionic android app with capacitor 3. now i want to implement live code update on android device .

I tried using appcenter code push with cordova , but now cordova is not supported .

Can anybody guide me with options on how can i update code via code push

if appcenter is not supporting cordova, then what are the options left ? I am doing this for learning purpose so can’t afford to pay for any service

Appcenter does not work with capacitor. And yes it does work with cordova. theres a cordova plugin and documentation on how to properly install it.

Appcenter has announced that they are dropping Cordova support

It will still work for another 6 months, so if you are using it for learning purpose you still can, just don’t use it for any real app.

If i have to implement the version update of app , how to do it? Is there any other way ?