Is there any documentation for migrating Cordova plugins to Capacitor?

Is there any documentation for migrating an existing Cordova plugin to Capacitor? I assume there is because Capacitor has been around quite awhile now, but the Capacitor docs on creating plugins point to create-capacitor-plugin, but don’t seem to have anything about converting from cordova.

There are no such docs, Cordova plugins are different from Capacitor plugins and I don’t think there is an “easy” way of migrating Cordova plugins to Capacitor plugins other than creating a new Capacitor plugin and copy/paste all the code you can.


I tried to migrate an application developed with cordova to capacitor but in the end I gave up. It is too complicated

Thanks, but I’m asking about migrating a plugin (specifically, cordova-plugin-purchase, not an app.

Yeah, the question is about plugins, not apps.

For apps it’s not complicated, you just add Capacitor to your existing Cordova app and everything should just work and both Cordova and Capacitor should coexist, unless you are using some of the incompatible plugins.

If you had problems migrating and still want to try, create your own thread on the forum and post the errors or problems you are facing.

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