Is there a tutorial to help me with my project?

Hi everyone !

I’m new to Ionic, I started learning only at the beginning of this week. I’ve already had an experience on React-Native last summer, but for my new project I found that it was quite inappropriate giving the short period of time to develop my application. I decided to start using Ionic 3 because I can test my code pretty fast, and I have only 2 months to deliver a functional app.

I followed the “getting started” tutorial in the docs, pretty much understood the “logic” of Ionic, how to build pages etc. but now I want to get operational as soon as possible for my subject.

I want to create an app for educational purposes :

  • All users need to authenticate to access the app
  • A “producer” user can create new exercises (Multiple Choice Questions, Crossword Puzzle, linking words with their definition, and many other kind of exercices) and push them into the app.
  • A “consumer” user can see the exercises and complete them directly in the app.

That’s basically it. A lot of functionalities can be add, and I think that the difficulty will be implementing all kinds of exercises.

I have to admit that I’m pretty lost at this point, I don’t really know which database to use for authentication AND for the exercises (I don’t even know if I should rather use SQL or NoSQL for instance) and how to process with each type of exercise.

That leads to my question : is there some kind of tutorial or MOOC that would be helpful for my development ?

I’m currently developing using Ionic 3, on a Linux platform and I want to deploy on both Android & iOS.

Thank you for reading, I hope my question is relevant ! ^^