Complete, in depth, tutorials?

I’m very interested in using ionic, but I’m having trouble getting started. I’ve followed the very simple tutorials that are provided in the “getting started” section, but I feel like I need more. Specifically, I’d like a tutorial that creates an app from start to finish, explaining how each part works/what it does. I feel like a lot of the tutorials I see are about how to accomplish a component of a complete app, not how to make an app from start to finish.

I’m a CS student half way through my junior year, so I’m an alright programmer, but I don’t have much web experience, which may be why I’m struggling with this.

So could anyone link me to some tutorials that fit this description? I’d really appreciate it!

There is the ionic in action book by @gnomeontherun

and its companion site.

But most importantly you’ll need some javascript skills. has some great tutorials to get you started.