Is possible to upload ionic files on host to be used on browser?

Hi guys

I want to ask about uploading ionic files on host to be used on browsers, is that possible and how ?

Copy the generated files from www to your host. Done.

What about src pages and other used plugins !

Nothing important in WWW folder

Just build it (ionic serve), upload it and try it out, it will work (Src pages will get generated through build proccess to your WWW, so dont worry about your pages they will be there if you upload it to your hoster). Except for Native Plugins. Native Plugins only work on Native Devices without a workaround. The rest will work with WWW folder only.


works fine… but one last question, is possible to change the icon of page ?

Do you mean the favicon? there is also an option with somekind of manifest …
Just search icon for PWA on the internet.


Yes you mean the favicon. The Favicon is defined in your index.html Head. Just creat an image and convert it online to a .favicon (many converters out there) and replace it with the favicon in your project. Then build and everything should be fine.

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ionic cordova platform add browser
ionic cordova build browser --release --prod

Your compiled code will be in platforms/browser/www/. This gives you access to some native plugins on the browser.

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