Is it recommandable to update the ionic client during APP development

I have created An app and continuing the development using ionic client 4.0.0.
Its showing the latest update of ionic client , can i update ??

What do you refer to by “Ionic Client”? Ionic CLI?

Then yes, Ionic CLI should always be updated and kept up to date. It works with all versions of Ionic Framework, so there is no harm in updating.

Sorry for misspelling…

that was .Ionic CLI .

Can you give the short notes(different) for Ionic CLI & Ionic Frame work…

I don’t understand what you mean.

what is the difference between ionic cli and ionic framework

the cli command line interface do things like ionic start, ionic serve, etc that will create your app or serve it to the browser and has nothing to do with the framework that contains components like ion-button etc…

Best regards, anna-liebt

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Thanks Anna. …