Can I develop ionic with react js?

I am new to ionic framework.

Can I use react with ionic instead of angular js?

Thank you

Not by default, this is not supported.

Ionic 2+ uses Angular by the way, only Ionic v1 used AngularJS.

Check this out

Ionic is also working currently at ionic 4 which will use stencil and will support more frameworks.

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Good to hear that.
I want to see all of cordova plug-ins getting Ionic wrapper… imagine, how amazing would that be?
Cordova is great but its working environment is apparently outdated now.
Phonegap has better working environment and a developer app but I see Adobe isn’t actively managing it anymore since 2015. All of their existing plug-ins should be converted for Ionic. I find many of them are not working very straightforward on Ionic.

cordova is still the base for ionic apps with native abilities. What you mean is a wraper for the cordova plugins that you can talk over TS with them.:wink:
Ionic also wants to make some own cordova plugins in the coming year to have better maintained plugins and maybe some plugins that they can sell to generate a little extra income.

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