Is it possible to use Ionic simply for the UI on native applications?

I’m fully aware of what Ionic is capable of, however, I am redesigning the front end of my company’s app and the functionality is already done. The UI just needs a face lift. With that said, is is possible to export the UI components Ionic generates, and use them in an already functional native application? I do plan on using Ionic for future applications. I just wanted to know if what I am trying to do is possible as of right now. Much appreciated!

Unfortunately (for you) Ionic is a set of HTML5/JS components that are never rendered natively (yet? Who knows…). So no real way to replace native component with these, unless you add a Webview which loads an Ionic project - which is a not so great idea.

Why would adding a WebView not be a good idea, if I may ask?

Because you then a) have to move the dynamic data to display from your native app into there somehow and b) Ionic apps are built as SPA that take some time to start up. Not really for 1 page content things as display instantly.

There might be workaround though - no experience.