Ionic will ever use native UI components?

Ionic team will ever make upgrade of few components to native?
Like transitions, toolbar, side menu?
Is that possible at all? The ionic team ever thought about it? Maybe now with capacitor it’s possible/easier?
I would like to hear the team comment please…

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I’m interested in this as well…

If Ionic can convert HTML5 and CSS3 UI into native UI, it would be really cool.

It has been stated that this will be a future* feature of Capacitor.

*Future in terms of I’m not sure what version it’ll be a part of.

An important distinction is that the whole point of Ionic is that it is web-based, which allows it to run anywhere that the web does (so the same codebase can run on many platforms). If the Ionic team were ever to change this so that Ionic components were built into native controls they would be creating an entirely new framework with an entirely different methodology.

The goal is to make native control integration easier with Capacitor in the future, but this is for mixing native controls into an Ionic application, not having Ionic components compile into native controls. For example, you might have your Ionic app but want to use a native control for a side menu - this is the kind of thing Capacitor is aiming to help with in the future.


What I think they should do is converting HTML5, CSS3 UI layer into native platform. For instance, all CSS3 UI components in a specific HTML file will be rendered as native. The rest will run as HTML.
That It will give us a lot more options… maybe a native converter plugin would be great so an HTML page which has that plugin can work with native rendering option.