Is it possible to use deploy service without opting for code push to ionic pro?

I want use Ionic deploy service without pushing code to ionic pro dashboard, like the older way of using ionic deploy service using ionic deploy cli command … Will it be possible now in new ionic pro ?

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It also isn’t really different than before, just the method has changed:
Before you used ionic upload to get the code to Ionic, now you use Git.

Ionic Pro is a hosted and closed source service, so there is not much we, the community, can help you with, sorry. Check these:

You can - and should - contact support at

Thanks Sujan, But in our case we need to run complicated CI steps before building actual application…
What Would you suggest for this case ?

  1. Contact support and ask them what they suggest
  2. You could fake an Ionic v1 project that only has www and commit that to Git maybe.

Ok… Thank you so much…