Ionic Pro: Manual Deploy

Has anyone here switched to Pro and got manual Deploy to work (setting UPDATE_METHOD to none)
The documentation is not very good, how do I get access to IonicCordova mentioned in this page:


Here is some more documentation you might not know about:

Link doesn’t work - neither does

Anyone know where to get more info about migrating from legacy to pro deploy?

Hmm, seems Ionic helpfully changed the URLs and didn’t redirect the old ones.

If you can’t find what you are looking for you can - and should - contact support at

Hi I have similar problem.

Have you solved it?

Thank you~~`

I would not recommend using manual deploy.

Reason being you need to kick it off using javascript which on the face of it sounds okay - but if you accidentally deploy a version with a javascript error, and that chunk of your update code doesn’t get the opportunity to run, or the error is actually within that code - you have bricked your application for good.

Using background or auto runs outside of javascript - so even if you upload the worst version you will always be able to rollback / update to a working version.