Is it possible to read part of a file without loading the entire file in memory

I have been trying to read ID3 tags and other metadata from media files (like mp3 files) stored on the sd card on Android (ultimately iOS too :wink: ).

I can read files and load their content in memory with
using the readAsArrayBuffer method for instance.

The big drawback of this method is I must load the entire file into memory when obviously the meta data is only a few hundred bytes at the begninning or end.

It takes about 10 seconds per file with the current method. This is not acceptable for a large collection or even a single album.

So I need to find a way to read only part a a file that is stored on the SD card, a.k.a. externalRootDirectory.

Is there a cordova plugin for that? Is it even theoretically possible?

Whose database is this? If it’s yours, add redundant information, and only pull up the real file if you need to.

There is no database, I am talking about the mp3 files stored on my Android phone.

Then no. What you can do is run an index in the background with a web worker. The user gives you access to 10 files say, and you load and read their metadata with FileReader while doing something else in the DOM.