Read audio metadata

Hey there!

I want to make a small Mp3 Player app using Ionic and everything works so far, except the audio metadata.
I can load all local audio files in a List using Native File.
I can play all loaded audio files using Native Media.

Using Native Media I also get Informatiion like:

  • Audio length
  • Current Position

But I also need extra stuff like:

  • track name
  • track album
  • track on album (x of y)
  • artist

I cant figure out, how I could get this information…
Can someone help me please?

These are usually known as “ID3” tags. So you need a plugin or library to read these ID3 tags from your files. Googling should turn up a few libraries you can try.

I tried every single one of them (jmediatags, …) - or at least those that looked promising.
I didnt get a single one to work. I have no real experience with nodeJS, so I dont understand how to import the plugins correctly and all tutorials are for IONIC 1 so I dont know how to translate this to IONIC 3.

If you know something about reading those tags, could you please do me the favor to post a code snippet?

I don’t, otherwise I would have done so.

@MauriceNino have you gotten a solution? i’m having the same problem