How to read ID3 tags from files on SD card

In an Ionic 3 app, I am trying to read ID3 tags from files stored on the SD card. I tried to use jsmediatags but only get various errors, including crashes.

I am able to import jsmediatags properly with:

import * as jsmediatags from 'jsmediatags';

The typical call to read a file’s tags would be similar to this:

const localFile: string = 'file:///storage/emulated/0/song.mp3';, {
  onSuccess: function(tags) {
    console.log('RESOLVED -');
  onError: function(error) {
    console.log('REJECTED -');

This always fails (I get ‘REJECTED -’ in the console).

I must say that I am perfectly able to play this same file with the Ionic native Media plugin. The path is correct, the file is playable and contains ID3 tags.

Note: I am only after Android compatibility (for the moment).

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did you find a solution?, i am having the same issue now