Is it possible to add pictures to a accordion list?

I am fairly new to Ionic and still getting used to javascript and HTML, I was wondering is it possible to take a accordion list like this: and maybe add thumbnails to the list before it expands? maybe something list this: or at least add images to the static code so when the list item clicked on expands one of the slots will contain an image?

I have tryed adding some images to the www folder and trying both these but when I call ionic serve I get a blank screen, was just wondering could anyone point me in the right direction, thanks.

I do not quite understand your question, but if you receive a white background is because there is some kind of error. Regarding the images I think if possible, you should create the structure of your list of Accordion.

I was just wondering would it be possible to replace one of the lines in this accordion list with a image? so when the list expands it will show line 1 line2 line3 then a image? how could I do this because it wont work for me when I try!

Yes, it is possible. Here is an example:

Expand introduction to see the image. There are more ways than this though if this structure doesn’t work for you.

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