Can I add an accordion list on a list divider?

Hi everyone, I am new to ionic framework. I have build a list divider for showing information in my project.
And I am trying to make an accordion list on it such that I can click to scroll down for more information.

I have tried the method mentioning from this demo:
But once I have implemented those code on my project, the original layout of my project will be changed. I am not sure if it was the problem of the javascript.

So does it really work to make an accordion list on list divider? If yes, how can I make it? If no, any alternative method?

Thank you so much. Thanks all.

are you looking for this?

I have tried but it was not working… it even didn’t appear in my list divider…
anyway, thank you for your information!

i revised it and I found that I did not entering my information to show from the .js file… i have just using the toggleItem and isItemShown in my .js file… will it be a problem?

seems to me it work maybe there was something that orevent it form working for you or some errors in your code… did you add the css?? I also customize it in my own way and no problems arises…

i did not add any css… it may be some problems with the JS… i am trying to fix it… thanks for your help!

I found that it was caused by the problem of applying multiple angular modules on the same file…