Ionic 4: Custom Camera View

Hi there!

I’ve been working on an ionic 4 application with angular framework. In my application, I want to develop a custom camera screen.

I’ve gone through the following plugins: , ,

But unfortunately I’m not able to make it out. Can you please help me out.
Any suggestions are welcome.


Hi Manesh,

After a lot of trial and error I was able to get something similar working using , I might be able to help. What steps have you tried using this solution?


Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your response.

I’ve tried with the camera-preview plugin and came to know that there is no option for video recording and photo library.

Then I go for media-capture plugin, which can allow user to capture photo, record video and photo/video library access. But I’m not able to bring that UI.

If I want custom-ui i need to use camera-preview plugin and for functionality I need to use media-capture plugin which provides the functionalities in custom-ui.

Is there any way to combine both?


Hi Mahesh,

I’m actually not familiar with the media-capture plugin so I’m not able to help with that. I was hoping I would be able to help with camera-preview. Sorry!

Can you help me in disabling microphone while recording video in camera preview?