Is it a Ionic component?


Just looked at this great video
ChefSteps app is presented.

The thing that I find awesome is the navigation inside a specific item : just swiping to the left or the right to navigate through pages (note the icon on the bottom, notifying of the current navigation):

It really looks like the ion-slide-box component?
What is it exactly?

Thanks a lot,



I’ve downloaded and tested the app.
It might perfectly be a ion-slide-box, but personally i think that using this the slide-box for this purpose is a little bit risky because on relative old devices the slider functionality has slow performance. Especially in android.

Also, IMHO, the vertical scroll in conjuction with the horizontal slider scroll makes the navigation cool, but not very acurate.


Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

Actually, I was searching for a navigation style like Tinder:
based on the main page, a swipe to the left opens the app settings, a swipe to the right opens the Chat.
And “app settings” page is not a “back in history” from the main page.
Indeed, regarding Ionic, only navigation back in history are animated to the left, and only new entry in history involved an animation to the right.

Do you think it’s possible to do so regarding actual Ionic components?


It can be done.
You can use the built-in animations in ionic ( to slide your page in different ways, including animating to the left or right.

The navigation history can be reset also in ionic and the back button behaviour can also be altered via the $ionicViewService (for example: $ionicViewService.nextViewOptions({ disableBack: true });)


wow interesting ! Many thanks !!