Is Ionic Conference app based on Ionic 3?

I was just wondering if anybody knows if Ionic Conference app is based on all Ionic 3? If it is not then what would be the best app that can be followed to understand best practices of using and implementing Ionic 3 for development?

As you might have guessed, I am trying to find out kind of a one stop shop to understand how things should really be implemented when developing Ionic 3 apps.


Currently 3.4.2.

Found checking package.json file.

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@tja2353 - I did not select your reply as a solution because I would consider it as half reply. Did you select your own reply as a solution to my question/post? Not sure if that’s even possible.

Although, you did answer the first part of my question and I do appreciate that very much, I was looking more of a reply (and would select that as a solution) that would have told me something along the lines:

It’s based on 3.4.2 and yes we/you can follow Conference App’s design to build a real world-production Ionic app. It is implemented using the best practices in Ionic world…


It’s based on 3.4.2 and no, it’s not implemented keeping the Ionic world best practices in mind. It is built to give you an insight into many different components available in Ionic and how we can use them.

Would you be able to shed some light on the best practices part in relation to Conference App codebase?

My apologies if I am sounding rude, believe me, that’s not my intention. I just want to get a more detailed reply which then I would select as a solution.


I did as it is the perfect answer to your question. Sorry if I misunderstood.

And yes, the conference app provides one way to develop an app. For the scope and goal of the conference app, this can be viewed as a best practice. For your own app, that can be very different - but having an app similar to the conference app is a good starting point.

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@Sujan12 - Thanks for your prompt reply and clearing the confusion. I should have known, a Moderator would have super user access to select a reply as solution, along with the person who is actually posting the question. :slight_smile:

@tja2353 - my apologies again.

@Sujan12 - Thanks for providing that important insight, appreciated!