Is Ionic a good fit for my iOS app?

Hi all,

I would like to know if Ionic is the best thing to use for my iOS app. I wanted to use Ionic as i’m mainly a web developer.

Here are the main features of the app:

  • Typical log-in/sign-up screen
  • Tabbed layout
  • Home tab which allows users to create a twitter style post (except people can upvote and downvote the post)
  • Notification tab to notify if someone has replied to a post
  • Be able to comment on other peoples posts
  • Filter posts by rating and date

Sorry if this is a lot of rambling.

TL:DR; I want to build a social network related iOS app - which language/framework should I use?

Thanks in advance for any input.

it is a fantastic fit for your application.
I’m pretty new to ionic but there are loads of reasons.

  • Its UI components are great.
  • Its built on top of great opensource projects such as angular and cordova.
  • If your skills are webdev related then you are onto a winner.
  • if you hit an issue that requires Native features… chances are its been done or you can add it yourself if its important.

I’d suggest installing it. view the docs and see if it makes sense to you and try out the starter templates as they do what you want mainly.


Thanks for your reply. Im just wondering, are Ionic apps ‘laggy’ at all? Or are they smooth and function the same as an app built in C or Swift?

Ionic apps are a bit laggy sometimes, especially on Android, but they are as smooth as you can get with hybrid/non-native apps in my opinion.

@dbradb “horses for courses” as we say over here. Checkout the showcases and down load 1 or 2… make up your own mind.

personally any possible ‘lagginess’ can usually be changed with some creative development… and angular2/ionic2 appears to be quicker.