Is Ionic a good fit for my app?

I am contemplating creating a small app that displays simple information to the user in a graphic fashion. I like the fullscreen design that the Yahoo Weather App uses. While my app wouldn’t be this complex, I would like to implement the same concept: a background image, graphical elements as an overlay and a menu in the header to access basic settings.

Obviously, creating the header, menu and settings page from scratch would be a lot of work. So Ionic comes to mind. However, it seems Ionic is great for UI’s that have fixed lay-outs. Lists, grids, forms, buttons etc etc. I wonder if there is still the posibility to have full freedom to create custom html (and even animations) inside a (fullscreen) frame (I refer to the Yahoo app again)? Or is this out of the scope of Ionic? If not, how would I accomplish such a thing? My experience with Ionic is minimal.

@Rasper think of Ionic as UI built on top of angular.js with other mobile specific improvements. You have to code your own app. The Ionic docs are setup so you can copy the code for the different elements then edit them to fit your app’s needs. There is creator which is a drag and drop builder for Ionic but it is not meant for you to completely build your app. You use creator to quickly prototype your app and go from there. If, you feel comfortable using angular to build your app, I don’t think you will have any problems.

You should take look at I think this is more what you are looking for as it allows much more freedom regarding the layout and animation of its elements. They got an Angular integration as well but for my personal application its far to complex.
Have Fun

This is totally something you can with ionic.
If you’re looking to go off the yahoo weather app, we do have an ionic project that can help you along the way.