Beautiful layouts in ionic


Hello guys,

I’ve been using the Ionic framework for some time now and while the framework makes it extremely fast for you to make progress in your app, I began to find some of the default elements, styles and templates kind of static and dull (honestly, no offense).

There are other ionic framework apps (like viceversa, throwback) that use beautiful layouts and elements not made available by the ionic framework. For example, the login page of the viceversa android app is very beautiful because it uses facebook and twitter buttons that are mostly used on the web.

My main question is how can I achieve that kind of layout in my ionic apps. To give my apps a very nice custom look and feel familiar to both web and mobile. My prototype or inspiration as you may call it is the viceversa android application.

I just wanna be able to achieve that kind of layout in my Ionic apps. Throwback is another app that can be used to better understand this question.

Thanks a lot guys for your usual help.

Screenshots for viceversa, throwback and mallzee are attached: ANY HELP ON HOW I CAN ACHIEVE THESE KIND OF LAYOUTS IS WELCOME.


Ionic’s strongest feature in my opinion is that it is built on CSS, HTML5, and Javascript. Hypothetically ANYTHING you can do on a desktop browser you can do on your app. The only restriction is mobile viewport size and the processing power of the phone.

So to simply answer your question and open your mind: If you can find how to do it in html/css/javascript you can do it in ionic, you just do it in your view.

If you need some inspiration, Dribbble is an awesome website to get inspired. Design modo has a lot of great tutorials, as well as a simple google search will do the trick on just about anything.

When I say the sky is the limit, I’m not kidding. You really can do anything you want in these apps and it’s awesome, you don’t have to just use Ionic components.

Don’t be afraid to think so far out of the box that you can’t see the box.


Wow. Really awesome response. Just bookmarked dribble and design modo.
Thank you very much


No problem :slight_smile: If I find any cool stuff specific to mobile I’ll send it your way too.


Thanks. One more thing, could you please walk me through (or send a link) how i can get the source code for the throwback apk to know how their layouts were designed.

Does it work for other apks?