Is it possible to use ui-view to create complex UI in ionic?


My intent is creating a complex UI for tablet with ionic! But the ion-nav-view or ionic template is unique and is not flexible to design complex UI. Is it possible to create the UI with ui-view and AngularJS components directly instead of ionic components?

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Without more details I would say yes.


But about with more details :sweat_smile: . As i google it; i found just one article about using Flexbox as described in . Is there any extra documentation about this? Excuse me I am really new to angularJS and ionic.

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Yes that’s a very good article, here are a few more:

Flexbox and the Ionic grid give plenty of power I would say.

Then why would Ionic not be flexible enough to build a ‘complex UI’ ?

You can create complex layouts (see above) and you can style anything.
People are creating pretty advanced stuff with it.

If you don’t want to use Ionic components then what’s the point of using Ionic?