Is Ionic a good choice if I'd like to build a website?

Hi guys, I’d like to know if ionic may be considered as a good option to build a website (real estate, something like airbnb). Thanks

For websites, the advantage of using Ionic is that you can build one thing and then get a website and mobile apps with a unified look.

If you will not be building mobile apps and are only going to be doing a website, you could use Ionic for the frontend, but Ionic doesn’t provide a backend for processing data, so to handle user account registration and data modeling and so on you will want a backend server running something like Drupal, not just the PWA that Ionic provides.

no i just mean the frontend, not backend.
it’s ionic a good idea? i tried framework7 and it was not…

The strength of Ionic as a frontend is that it is built with open web standards in mind. In fact, the Ionic team leads the industry in this area.

There are a lot of frontend frameworks and tools like Bootstrap and Tailwind that let you build something nice quickly, but the quality of the actual HTML and CSS is pretty bad (if you believe in separation of concerns-- that content and presentation should be kept separate).

Ionic is built out of Stencil components, which are a really fantastic way of encapsulating functionality in a open way.

I’m not the only one who feels this way-- Is Stencil a better React?

Stencil is a large part of the reason why Ionic can support Angular, Vue, and React all as first-class citizens, and is worth investigating on its own too, even if you decide not to use Ionic.

Going back to the point about web standards, many frameworks require you to “learn the framework” and the framework does things differently than standard HTML and CSS. This causes you to have to commit unnecessary time and resources to learning the framework and makes it harder to switch later.

Ionic does a pretty good job of using open standards-- for example, you can easily change the way your components look by using CSS variables, which are now standard across major browsers.

So what’s the downside? Well, because Ionic is standards-based, it doesn’t include some utilities and features that aren’t supported widely by browsers.