Ionic as a web app alone

General question: I have a client that wants to make a web app and maybe later iOS and Android apps. I am recommending Ionic, but a developer working with them is saying that if they use Ionic there will be bloat related to iOS and Android apps, that would not be there if they make a React web app. I believe this not to be true, but I need to give some proof to back it up. Can anyone give me some direction on this?

Also, just for my confirmation, do you think that as just a web app alone, Ionic is just as good as any other alternative out there like React or Vue.

One other thing, I’ve looked into alternatives, but if you had to make web apps that might someday become iOS and Android apps if the web app was popular, besides Ionic, what would you use? Is there anything? I believe Ionic to be the best for this use case, but I need to convince others, so knowledge on why potential competitors would not be good would be helpful.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.