Is collection repeat only useful for collections that is not on the screen?


I had an experience yesterday using ng-repeat and collection-repeat that I had a list of element in a two grid column that when I switched from ng-repeat to collection-repeat all my android devices behave much much better. Event with a small list of element that were all on screen.

I’m using ionic tinder cards and when I saw the docs it is using ng-repeat instead of collection repeat. I would like to know if in this particular case I would have a performance gain like I had before.

When I use collection-repeat instead of ng-repeat, it throws an error (Saying that collection repeat should have a scroll controller before him that I can’t use because td-card must be a child of td-cards).

So I would like to investigate if this could have a performance boost so I can work on this thing.

Thanks guys!


Anyone? (I need to write a lot)


+1 Also interested in this!