Collection Repeat performance on Android

i jumped from beta 1 to beta 4 to try out Collection Repeat.
I am on Android, using Samsung Galaxy S3, Where a normal ng-repeat is too slow and sluggish.
I tried a quick hack using bindonce, working with items between 100 and 300, a bit slow but acceptable.
I tried the collection-repeat today, but it is pretty slow, i am not sure what am i doing wrong?
i am also not using many bindings yet, only the name, no images no other bindings yet.

Do i need to do anything to unleash the speed of collection repeat? any way i can troubleshoot it?

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what is in your rows?

i have an array of big objects, but i am only showing one attribute of that object that contains a simple name

having the same problems.

pretty solow in every android i try

This looks like a duplicate of this issue: Issue with collection-repeat: choppy perf & no inertia when scrolling
A tentative “solution” is listed at the bottom: loading jquery after ionic.