Collection Repeat Question

I am currently using Ng-Repeat to list out up to 90 ‘actions’ each with its own card that flips over and has a slide box on the other side. I looked into Collection Repeat, since all the cards are the same size, however the Collection Repeat seems like its more for contact lists, or maybe leaderboards.

I am wondering if there is a way I can have a much more complex Collection Repeat, as Ng-Repeat is really slow.

Or if anyone knows of a way to mimic the Collection Repeat for increased performance?


What’s wrong with collection-repeat for this? If you are using the Ionic cards, you are probably using a list anyways.

Can I do things like this: ng-repeat="(actionIndex, action) in actions | filter:{category : actionFilter}" using Collection-repeat?

I rely on the index for a lot, so I need to be able to use it with collection-repeat.

Have you tried yet? :slight_smile:

haha, I did indeed, I am really close, yet for some reason this code is just not quite working. It works without the actionIndex, but I need that.

<div collection-repeat="(actionIndex, action) in actions | filter:{category : actionFilter}" collection-item-height="365" collection-item-width="'100%'">

Any thoughts?

Got it working :smile:

could you tell us how you got it working with collection-repeat? i need to do the same with index, thanks in advance