Is capacitor-community/firebase-remote-config maintained?

Hi there,

Do you happen to know if anyone is merging pull requests on capacitor-community/firebase-remote-config? There is a pull request which is required for supporting breaking changes on firebase 7.0.x. It was not merged and people started doing duplicate pull requests.

In addition to this fix, which likely everyone needs, we also need the plugin to support running along with capacitor-community/firebase-analytics. Both require a couple of (minor) changes to work together and we thought of creating a pull request for the changes. We can use our pull request for the short run, but really prefer to avoid forking the project and creating another duplicate for the long run.

Please advise.


Hi everyone,

I’m bumping this topic, to raise attention to it, hopefully within Ionic itself.

capacitor-community/firebase-remote-config, the official capacitor solution for remote config, was last updated on June 25, 2020, which is almost a year and half ago…

A while back we issued pull requests to make it operational again, which were never merged. Flux further forked our work and started their own unofficial project. Others are just leaving comments on our fork, asking what is going on.

At this point, I think it’s time someone from Ionic pick the glove and do something about it, or otherwise advise what is the recommended solution for people like us, who want to use capacitor and remote config.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback about this one!

Take care and thanks,