Announcing Capacitor 3.0 RC

Today I’m happy to announce that the release candidate for Capacitor 3.0 is finally here :tada::tada::tada:.

Not too long ago, we announced Capacitor 3.0 beta and put out a call for feedback from the community. Thanks to all your feedback and testing, we’ve reached the point where we’re ready to call Capacitor 3.0 feature complete and ready to move to RC.

If you’re curious how to migrate to Capacitor 3.0, check out the migration guide we’ve published in our docs. This is a feature packed release, and we’re excited for folks to upgrade. Some key features include:

  • Split plugins into their own packages

  • CLI run command

  • TypeScript config file

  • Autoloading of Android plugins

  • Read the Release blog


Hi @mhartington

Will community plugins work without issues or they will need to update to comply with the new cap3 requirements?

Hi @mhartington,

TypeScript Configuration Files ( capacitor.config.ts )

Can you suggest us, How can we create different environments for dev, staging and prod?

It would be as or different.

Please suggest How can


Google is moving away from APKs on the Play Store. Will ionic apps be affected? Are changes being made to keep up?

No, as long as you’re using things like Capacitor, you’ll be fine.

Hi @mhartington,

Please confirm me, Are you we able to create different capacitor.config.ts based on the our environments?

I have migrated my project in capacitor 3.0 for this features but I am not able use it.


Yes, you can. You just need to generate that based on the build env.

Thank You

Sorry! I haven’t idea to generate that based on the build env. Is there any reference that can help me.