IPL 8 Tracker - NewBie - My First Ionic App

Hi Guys, Here’s the snap of my first Ionic app that I created to learn the Ionic Framework.
This is related to Indian Premium League Tracking (Indian Cricket)
Considering the fact that I don’t have a designer mind, Ionic really helped me in this area to put some reasonable UI layout. Thanks to Ionic.

During my journey, I’ve found so many problems for designing my apps layout but with my little knowledge, I’ve managed to design this app by my own.

as far as development is concern, it took me about 3-4 days from scratch (design and development)

The one area where I found my self in trouble is Grid Layout with header (Standing Page)

all in all, it’s a good experience for me in this new world of app development.

I will continue to expore this amazing framework and share my work with you guys.

Thanks to Ionic framework and all Ionic users.
Note:This is truely developed for learning purpose.

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Have you put it on play store?

Nice!! What’s the name and is it in the App Store or Google play?

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How to use images can me forward me the code for using image

Thanks Djett, Not yet. I’m working on few things related to splash screen and App icon.

Nitesh, I think using an image is as easy as using it in HTML. I’m not sure about your exact concern.

if you can explain your problem in detail it would be good to understand the problem.

Not Yet, I will let you know once it is done.

thanks, i am waiting for that.

your application look very nice in screenshot.

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Here you go:

Thanks bhavik

I was waiting for that.

i installed app it is very nice app.

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Thanks Bhavesh for your feedback

I’m working on scorecard, players profile and live score too.

Hopefully, it would be a complete tracker for next season, IPL 2016 and ICC T20 WC 2016

Added scorecard and improved performance.

Hi Bhavik ,I’m also working on creating a cricket scorecard app. Could you please tell where you are fetching the data from . What is the API you have used. I can’t find a API that provides historical scores.

There are few commercial apis’ are available in market but I’m not sure what kind of historical data you need to use?
would you kindly specify?

By historical I meant matches that aren’t live. I have come across some commercial apis that provide this. Was wondering if there are any free apis that provide this ability. Found a free api but it only gives live match details.

I doubt if there is any free API for this. However, try some sites you might get something out of it.

May I know API for live score

http://cricscore-api.appspot.com/ provides free live scores.