Ionic 2 RC - Any update on startup time?

Hey guys,

Just want to know if you have already made an app using the release candidate. Any update on the startup time? An 11 MB app we have created using the beta 11 that took 4-5 seconds on note 5 but more than 8-10 seconds on an average mobile device. We already know the situation regarding this. So just wanted to know if start up time is improved on the release candidate.

There is a massive thread about that subject…for me it improved with the RC.0 but I’m “still” having a load time like yours, around 6 sec

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yes i already saw the thread . though wanted to make a new thread specifically about rc 0. Btw do you know any news about the improvement in final release? its really frustrating to load any small app with 6-10 seconds start up time :frowning: .

Unfortunately I don’t know anything more :frowning:

1 Like Here it shows some demonstration. please check