iPhone 6 Plus Simulator

So I finished my app and go to take screenshots for the App Store. When I run the app through Xcode on the iPhone 6 Plus simulator everything is zoomed in and the views are cut off. Everything scales fine on all other iPhone devices and iPad.

Any ideas?

make sure you add the launchimage assets for iphone 6 and iphone 6+

The splash image is actually fine. When you get the login which is the first view.

There should be a Header and a Username field above password. Like i said works fine on everything but iPhone 6 plus. Ex: 3.5inch 4inch 4.7inch iPad

that looks like your sim window doesn’t fit your screen… try to reduce the scale of the sim (window -> scale)

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Lets both pretend this never happened.


Common mistake! You’re good. If you want to view things pixel for pixel 100%, you can keep it scaled as 100% and then just scroll up and down. I do it for pixel precision sometimes and it really helps when I’m finalizing the design and tweaking the small things.