Ipad 2 column form layout


Any examples of layout for ipad , ike 2 column form layouts ?

Thank you


Something like this?


I think @msreekm is referring to the Master-Detail view used by many apps:

ipad master-detail


Ah alright, well right out of the box, this isn’t supported. Though there are some thing in work, nothing is official as of yet


Thank you for the response.


is this previous post helpful? Side Menu sticky or always visible on iPad/Tablets


@aaronksaunders this “works” but the main thing Ionic doesn’t support is the nested navigation that is common on iPad apps


meaning we would need to manage the window stack in the split view ourselves?


For now, I’ve attempted this myself but with no success. It’s beyond the limits of UI-router. The devs are working on some stuff to beef up the nav-system