IOS9 marker click problem


I’m testing the app in IOS9,
and it does not work the marker click event.

google.maps.event.addListener( marker,"click", function(e ) { ...

Someone else happens?
Thank you.


I have the same issue: when i run my app in the ios9 simulator after 10 or 15 click on marker, it’s not possible to click again. I search for bug of uiWebview in ios9, but nothing found. Did you found a solution?

(sorry for my english)



in my app after 5 or 6 clicks. It’s very strange.
I have not upgraded to IOS9 on the phone . Not if it is a problem of the simulator.


What most surprises me is that almost no talk on these issues forum


I can confirm this bug.

I’ve tested this example ( in iOS9 and after a few clicks it’s not working anymore. But in iOS8 it keeps working.

Double post


FYI, I have opened an issue on Github: