GoogleMaps Marker Click doesn't work on IOS



I’ve developed and tested an app on android and it works great, but as soon as I tried to test the same app on iOS I’ve experienced some troubles.

I’m using cordova google maps plugin to show native maps. In those maps, I put some markers, and if you tap/click one of them, a function should be fire.

On android it works, but I don’t know why on ios that tap/click doesn’t fire the function attached to the marker.

this.pits.forEach((item, index) => {
            let a = new GoogleMapsLatLng(item.latitud, item.longitud);
            let am: GoogleMapsMarkerOptions = {
                position: a,
            .then((marker: GoogleMapsMarker) => {
                console.log('adding  pit marker');
            .subscribe(e => {
                console.log('you hit a pit marker');


          let cl= new ContenidoList(,pit.nombre,"");
          this.navCtrl.push( ContenidoPage, {"contenidoList": cl});

So running “ionic run ios -lc” I can see for each marker -> adding pit marker
And the map shows all the markers, but If I tap one of them, there is no console log nor openPageContenido is fired.

Any idea?

Btw, I had to add:


In order to be able to see he map, because otherwise a black screen is over the map.
And I don’t know why, my custom markers are not displayed, I tried with different urls but no one worked. Meanwhile I leave them without my custom icon.



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