Google Maps calling MARKER_CLICK don't work

Hello there,

the MARKER_CLICK Event is unfortunaly not calling.
I’m using the native google maps plugin V2 and Ionic 3

This is how my implementation looks like: (marker: Marker) => {
          marker.addEventListener(GoogleMapsEvent.MARKER_CLICK).subscribe(() =>
            console.log('Marker clicked...');
          }, error => {
        }).catch( error => {
          console.log("Marker Add Error: " + error);

This is not fired.

Hope you guys can help me.

Hi, were you able to figure this out?
I am also running into the same issue. MARKER_CLICK event does not fire. I have pretty much copied the sample on


sorry for the late answer. Meanwhile I fixed the problem. I think with the current version there shouldn’t be any problem with this.

This is the new url of the maps plugin document (for other people)