IOS white bars


I noticed that other app’s including mine, after IOS update got white bars. I tried researching the problem but the all the solutions point to editing native swift code. Tried updating capacitor status bar plugin, ionic-core etc. Attaching images from IOS 15.0 and IOS 15.4. Anyone maybe faced this problem and solved it?

Hi @duocia,

I am also facing this issue right now. but still no solution found. if have any please share.

Tried creating fresh ionic v6 project and no white bars appear. Still trying to find the problem but no luck :frowning:

After running “npm update”, now app status bar returns to its default style. but still custom background colour is not getting applied.

I cannot do npm update, cuz I use some of the old libraries and after update they start to crash for other dependencies :frowning: