White block at the bottom of my ionic app

Hello all,

My inner noobie is calling to me again (i haven’t touched ionic for about 6-months now so feel like i’ve forgotten everything!), and i can’t seem to find out what is causing this mystical white block on my new app (running ionic 3 and capacitor) [note this is my first capacitor app and i’m loving it so far, i’m hoping that this isn’t to do with it!]

Upon initial launch, the app shows the white box (left) but clicking anywhere in the app causes the background to collapse back to normal.

The page i’m launching is the standard boilerplate for a new page, with the exception of the ion-navbar being removed as i want the full page, and that some code has been added like the form etc.

If anyone has any ideas or solutions (i expect it be an easy fix) please let me know.

A huge thanks in advance.

Testing on an iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.


Looked into the simulator and it appears to be the status bar style shape. Unfortunately the gap is outside of the app’s root component, so i believe it may be Capacitor

Issue resolved. Looks like a problem with capacitor at the moment.