iOS Package fails

We are having an issue building our iOS package. This is the error we get:

You passed invalid parameters to ‘modify_cap_ios_config’.

We are using capacitor in our code and attempting to build with xcode 10. It works locally but no on app flow. We are not sure what that parameter is nor how to set it.


I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

We are using capacitor in our solution and re-reading through the documentation we realized that you can’t use App Flow to build projects using Capacitor. This is from the documentation:

" For building iOS apps, Capacitor requires a Mac with Xcode 10 or above . Soon, you’ll be able to use Ionic Appflow to build for iOS even if you’re on Windows."

So, until then, we are just using Xcode and Android Studio to do our builds.

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