Appflow automation build error , ask upgrade to version 3

“Capacitor config command failed, ensure capacitor dependency has been updated to version 3 or more.”
I must upgrade capacitor to version 3 or there is another way to pass build process?


Hi yossibo,

You might not need to upgrade capacitor to version 3. It would be helpful to take a look at the build logs and your configuration.

If you email along with the Appflow app id, support would be able to assist you.


I’m having this same issue, with @capacitor/core@3.0.0-beta.6 . Were you able to get it resolved?

I got this issue as well and haven’t got any reply yet after submitting a ticket.

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anynews on this issue? I encounter this using the latest Capacitor 2.4.7

i’m having this issue even when trying to build a fresh ionic starter project with capacitor 3.0.0 on appflow. this is frustrating

I just upgraded to Cpacitor 3.0.0 and now App flow doesnt work… this bug is still not fixed?? my error logs are exactly the same as yossibo’s logs. Please fix this asap

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I ran into this issue also but later noticed the migration tutorials I had followed were not for ionic react, which was what I was using. Updating @ionic/react fixed this for me


This could be an issue with a bad package-lock.json file.

Can you run the npm install command on your local machine to generate a new package-lock.json file and make sure you commit the changes.

Try a new build with the latest commit in appflow and verify if you are still seeing the same issue.

Let us know if you have any further questions.