iOS Keyboard issue


When I click an input element and after close the keyboard it will refresh the view. It’s something like when close keyboard view acting like slide animation bottom to up. This issue were not in Android.

Issue screencast here

Does anyone else experiencing this issue?

My ionic version is 1.0.0-beta.6
I’m testing this issue also on iPhone 4S

Hey there, interesting issue.

Do you have our ionic keyboard plugin installed?

No, I have not. I will install it for application but for web this plugin can not solve my problem.

Well ionic isn’t meant for the web. It’s meant for hybrid apps

I installed keyboard plugin but it’s not work for me. :confused:

Hi Team,
we have the same issue inside our app.
The ionic keyboard plugin is installed but it doesn’t work.
Is it any fixe or workaround?

Thanks for your help.