Keyboard reopens when closing popup


Following case:

  • popup is shown with input elements inside
  • focus is on one of the input elements so that keyboard is shown and the popup is moved to the top of screen
  • when closing the popup, the keyboard is removed and the popup starts moving downwards
  • one of the input elements moves “behind the finger” and receives the click/tap event
  • keyboard reopens
  • but popup completely closes and keyboard is still shown and cannot be removed anymore (on iOS)

I found one related issue that seems to be fixed: Key board reopens when closing ionicPopup. But it does not fix this specific problem.

Any ideas how to stop the event?


Did you ever figure this out? Still having this issue


Unfortunately not. I now use the keyboard with the bar on top (also for some other reason) that allows closing. Before that, I used a workaround by calling window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard.close() to ensure keyboard is closed. But in this case you see the keyboard re-appearing and disappearing again.

It seems like the issue appears quite rarely in newer version of ionic. But still there …