iOS: how to remove extra space for status bar


I do not want to show a status bar in my iOS app. Though the status bar is not being displayed there is the extra 20pt for the status bar. How can I solve this?

Can't fully hide StatusBar

What have you done in your attempt to remove the status bar? Maybe something’s missing :slight_smile: If you could paste what you’ve added, that’d be great!


Thanks for your reply. I call “StatusBar.hide();” on app start and have checked Hide Status Bar in the iOS project settings.


Maybe try adding this in your config.xml inside your iOS platform: <preference name="StatusBarOverlaysWebView" value="true"/>, I’m not sure if it accomplishes the same as what you did in the project. Keep the StatusBar.hide();.


Thank you, but did not help.


Maybe try this after you do the hide()


Though I thought hide() would do that as well… If it’s still no good, I don’t know :confused:


IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp, {statusbarPadding: false}),

did the trick for me! Thanks!


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thx it worked for me too


Please install three Cordova plugins:

set property: