iOS statusbar issues, NavBar always get unwanted padding on top

When status bar is StatusBar.hide(),
or when it is set to StatusBar.overlaysWebView(false); ,
the ion-navbar element always get a padding on top and i couldnt find a way to remove it since it only shows in iOS build but not in chrome.

setting the cariables.scss $navbar-ios-height doesnt seem to help, the padding on top is still there.

On the other hand, BlackTranslucent doesnt seem to be working as expected,
I assumed it will render a black status bar with a translucent background,
instead it renders a transparent status bar with white text.

Is it me or is this an issue?

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You can hide the padding on top with:

this.config.set(‘ios’, ‘statusbarPadding’, false);

You should import config from ionic-angular:

import { Config } from ‘ionic-angular’;