(iOS) Error registering plugins

have been using capacitor/push-notification and capawesome/fcm for push notification, also capacitor/screen-orientation deps for my project and they were working fine untill today I get error messages for these plugins that they are not implemented on IOS, and while running the IOS app on the mobile, I get this error printed on the xcode console:

Error registering plugins: keyNotFound(CodingKeys(stringValue: “packageClassList”, intValue: nil), Swift.DecodingError.Context(codingPath: , debugDescription: “No value associated with key CodingKeys(stringValue: “packageClassList”, intValue: nil) (“packageClassList”).”, underlyingError: nil))

:zap: Loading app at https://example.app.com

hello, did you solve this problem?
I’m having the same problem too…

Yes I solved it by removing capacitor/assets lib from my dev deps, it was causing some issues which resulted into my plugins not being registered for ios

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Hi, I’m having the same issue. I’m not using capacitor/assets lib.

I could not solve this problem even though I removed the assets library.
Because I’m using a private domain
I added the following to the Info.plist file and my problem was solved.



I specified sub.mycustom.com in the angular.json file

@xbisa @vgDevLord

Thanks for your answer. Why is it necessary to add the domain to angular.json and where in angular.json?

Hello there, I had the same problem with the plugins after updating to new capacitor version. I tried uninstalling capacitor/assets lib as suggested from @vgDevLord but it resulted in another error (when building for android and ios):

I came across this post and after installing capacitor/cli (with capacitor/assets) everything worked again.

hai, i ever had the same problem. and in my case i need check my version of capacitor/core, etc. is it compatible with the capacitor/ios or not?

on my project, my capacitor/core version is 5.0.0, so to make it compatible i change the version of my capacitor/ios to 5.7.1 from 6.1.0