Build issues with XCode 14.2, ios 15.7 and cap 4.6.1 revert to xcode 13.4.1 and cap 4.5.0

I’ve just spent nearly two days trying to figure out why I was getting lots of ‘cannot find in scope’ errors. In particular ‘capacitorCookieManager’ which I traced to a ‘plugin’ in the core. It wasn’t consistent however and I spent an age doing ‘clean build’ and deleting derived data etc etc. The solution was first finding that xcode 14.2 has a potential issue with my iPhone 6s

And then also getting curious about the changes that landed in cap 4.6.0 and cap 4.6.1 - referring to plugins:

BTW the android build on 4.6.1 worked fine, just not IOS on xcode 14.2 and monterey 12.6.2

All fixed now that I’ve downgraded to Xcode 13.4.1 and downgraded to cap 4.5.0 - and a bit of ionic cap update ionic cap sync --prod (to be fair I end up running those like a good luck charm… unclear what the difference is)

Anyway, in case someone else is having the same frustrations, I hope this will help.

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Sorry, the relevant apple link is: Apple Developer Documentation

See that it doesn’t support ios 15.7