Ios emulator

To all the devs that are on windows, what do you use as an IOS emulator?
Thank you in advance.

Nobody does?
I really need to build on ios


You can’t use ios emulator without the macOS devices.

but if you want to run and test on windows than you can use virtual box to run macOS on your windows devices.


Thank you for the info.
I installed virtualbox and installed mac os x but unable to find the files from my pc directly in the virtual machine.
yet I did share the file well so I need

I managed to install virtualbox and mac os x but the problem is that it is not possible to share the files because mac os x is locked for copyright.
so i can’t use virtualbox to build my app for IOS

Use ionic app flow service :

bonjour Ludo,

sharing files is not a problem I think, since you can store the code (your files) in github (in a private repo) that you clone inside your flambant neuf mac os virtual machine.
Hope it helps,

EDIT: you could also send yourself a zip file with your code and then log in in your email in a browser inside your mac VM

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actually I hadn’t thought of doing that.
thanks for the tip :v:

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hello again me
I found a super simple solution.
I put my file on a usb key then connected in virtualbox and it works nickel

there you go, bien joué, Ludo!